Moon and Dreams || Mystery Bag

First time purchase from a local artist. Art, notebooks, stickers and more!


Non-artist went to Art Workshop

I’ve always been a visual-graphic enthusiast (somehow); I would easily appreciate the beauty of visual arts, in different mediums and different expression. I’d watch tons and heaps of tutorials, read different books or blog posts about it but I have never been more from there. For someone who overuses the word art, I in reality… Continue reading Non-artist went to Art Workshop

My Journal

It is almost end of the year and I still suck at journaling. Nevertheless, it’s still an achievement that I made an official one. I started journaling a few years ago but it was never a real thing, like with the monthly entries, themes, and the whatnots. It was plainly for writing down random stuff… Continue reading My Journal

My Papemelroti

I recently found Papemelroti  when I was aimlessly strolling in Greenhills. And as soon as I stepped inside I told myself 'this is my happy place!'. I  swear the place is a pure haven for people who love arts and crafts. They have the cutest planners, prints, and other unique stuff great for gift ideas!  Another… Continue reading My Papemelroti