Moon and Dreams || Mystery Bag

First time purchase from a local artist. Art, notebooks, stickers and more!


A Mini Photobook: Cotabato and Contradictions

I’ve never told anyone about it but I’ve visited Cotabato City. Some time ago, I went with people I’ve met for the first time and stayed for 4 days. It was almost a forced trip even though I went with my own two feet and my mind very conscious.  And while I didn’t go there… Continue reading A Mini Photobook: Cotabato and Contradictions

My Journal

It is almost end of the year and I still suck at journaling. Nevertheless, it’s still an achievement that I made an official one. I started journaling a few years ago but it was never a real thing, like with the monthly entries, themes, and the whatnots. It was plainly for writing down random stuff… Continue reading My Journal

What does your soul looks like?

What does your soul looks like? It is said that eyes are reflection of the soul. If my soul would look like my eyes then I’m a melancholic soul—a soul that feeds on sadness. She was happy but not for long. She learned to open her eyes thenceforth life dimmed her to the glory of… Continue reading What does your soul looks like?

Journal Materials Haul

I was checking through the plastic bag that has all the recently-bought stuff which I haven’t touched yet and realized I’ve only bought craft materials in the previous month. Seeing that, I decided to make a little haul. First off, I have a set of washi tapes from Fuji Film. They come as 5 in… Continue reading Journal Materials Haul

Mini Comeback + Watercolor

I’ve been really out of my element in the past few weeks I guess it’s because of everything happening around the world and how the things that I’ve been planning for the longest time didn’t worked out and the whatnots, thus my absencia here. At those moments that I’m away, I tried to get to… Continue reading Mini Comeback + Watercolor

Apo Island Photobook

There's only one name that makes people happy being called a bum and that's-- a summer/beach bum. Being surrounded by ocean waters, the sound of the waves, the warm breeze, lovely sunsets, good music and great people to hang with-- sounds perff. And so far, my memories of best beach life brings me back to… Continue reading Apo Island Photobook