Sunshine Blogger Award

If you’re in the university, at school, or at work and you’re just as busy as I am catching up with the entire school grind, I welcome you! Welcome my friend and come as we all hustle together. Lately has been pretty hectic for me but I’m not complaining, as I’ve been a bum for… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award



With the constant popping of new little cafés and restos in every corner of Iligan, it’s definitely undeniable that it has become a super rookie in the food scene.  For a foodie like me, that sure is a melody to my ears. There's a silent thrill about visiting new cafés and restos, because they usually… Continue reading HERE’S TO THE FOODIES (Iligan City)

Random Haul

Recently, I have been randomly buying stuffs here and there and somehow they kind of just end up piling in my cabinet untouched. So, just like last time I decided to make a little haul out of it. Also, most of the stuff remained literally untouched so you might still see them in their plastic… Continue reading Random Haul

Cebu Lookbook

Been struggling a lot about making a blog post about my trip in Cebu, although I did post a Cebu Photobook, but other than that I couldn’t really make anything out of it. Before the trip, I had a lot of ideas on how I would like things to go but REALITY check in. Too… Continue reading Cebu Lookbook