Cebu Photobook


This trip had been a rollercoaster of a ride; I had my highest highs and my lowest lows. Setting aside fieldtrips, this is the very first trip I had with my friends. We have to plan out everything –food, where to stay, what to do, money –all that necessary jazz. So, it was likely to have my expectation up. But just like life, unexpected things are bound to happen. To start off, our ship got postponed due to a typhoon. Then more unexpected things keep happening –our expenditure went over the budget, most of the establishments were closed. It was a series of unfortunate events.

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But taking everything into account, I still couldn’t be more grateful that the journey happened. Because along the way even greater things came about –we were able to meet new people, explore and learn more about ourselves, experience more of life and most importantly we appreciated the vastness of nature and realized just how small we are in front of God’s creation.

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P.S. It was a pain having to choose only few of the photos bc we had a lot. LOT. (Tip: Be sure to not over use burst shots it’ll take forever to choose photos that are identically similar). Also, I am yet to scan thru our photos from Bantayan Island. Hihihi. I am thinking I should save it for another post maybe? The place is so stunning it deserves to be in another post.

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Weekend Notes ii

Trust me when I say, when you and your friends are done with school, meeting up with them becomes a tough task. My friendly advice is, if youre still in school and you have your bffs make to most out of it, it may feel like school takes on forever but it actually doesn’t. When mah girls finally got our schedules matched, we knew we had to go out together. Not to mention, this was the day Typhoon Urduja decided to come to town and rain-visit us. But that did not stop us from push through-ing this long-long overdue meet-up. We still went down to Iligan despite the heavy rain. #strongindependentwoman

Bc I quote “pag di tau matuloy bka next year na ulit tayo magkita


So, our first stop was in Tavolo. Weird thing was we were literally the only people in the place. It was so deserted that our chika was just all over the place. I ordered korean beef with rice and a detox shake.


After then, we went to Plaza Alemania’s IGT  Music lounge. And again it was deserted. I mean it is pretty normal to go sing your heart out at 1pm right? Hihi. We ended up not singing too much tho as we were too caught up with our chika. Hahahha.


Then, we went to Naicha to get some drinks. I ordered Japanese Matcha Milktea. We have here the girls getting their December-babies-celebration. We don’t see each other often so gotta take the opportunity and throw that candle in for some catch-up celebration mode.


Also, shoutout to this girl who pretty much boosts my self-value every time. She’s like a pill of confidence and wisdom.


So that’s, pretty much it. Food, chika, food, chika.

They say it’s not about how long you’ve known a person but how you feel when youre with  them. It’s totally true bc I’ve only known these girls for a year and it feels like we’ve known each other far more than that. Actually, the first day we’ve met doesn’t feel like that at all. We were so comfortable with one another on our first day. Funny thing is, people even thought we were bffs! As cliché as this sounds, maybe we were really meant to be friends. We barely meet each other now but yknow they’re always for keeps.

How bout you guys, how was your weekend.

A Mini Photobook: Cotabato and Contradictions


I’ve never told anyone about it but I’ve visited Cotabato City. Some time ago, I went with people I’ve met for the first time and stayed for 4 days. It was almost a forced trip even though I went with my own two feet and my mind very conscious.  And while I didn’t go there for fun, I’d say I’m grateful I went. For most parts, Cotabato is everything but my expectations.




Cotabato is a sweet magic of its own. A thoroughly disarming city adorned by culture and diversity, of modernization and passé, of bustling alleys and calm forests –wrapped in different layers of contradiction. But at the end of the day, even with all her chaos, it ever so slowly grows on you and you get familiarity with all of its quirks.


How bout you folks? Where are your recent visits? Or future visits?

My Journal

my journal

It is almost end of the year and I still suck at journaling. Nevertheless, it’s still an achievement that I made an official one. I started journaling a few years ago but it was never a real thing, like with the monthly entries, themes, and the whatnots. It was plainly for writing down random stuff and whenever I feel like it.


Don’t be shock but I started midway of 2017. Bc July is my birth month! Hihi


For October I decided to go with a blue theme. 


This was a travel entry from my trip in Manila. 


This one’s a little special bc it’s self reflection entry.

I’m hoping to get better at doing more journals and arts. I  really just enjoy the process of doing it and flipping back through the past entries. For now, I will be sharing some of the entries that I made. Hope you like them!


P.S. I did try scanning them but I didn’t like how it went. So, I collaged it into a gif bc sayang ang effort ko. Hahahaha.

Weekend Notes

To be completely honest, this post is long overdue *cough 2wks overdue cough*.But you know what they say, better late than never. 


Over the weekend, I finally got to catch up on my dentist appointment which was another subject for long overdue. Thankfully, after what happened in Marawi seige, my dentist managed to get a new clinic in Iligan City.



After that, we went to check out blooper’s new branch in Tibanga for lunch. Of course, gotta have to have the fave, Taro. I went with my sister and my couzies.


The next day, we went to the mall to run some errands. Everyone has their own thing to do. As for me, I went to buy a new powder because I run down the old one that I use. It took me more than 1 year to finally finish it whole. And that was a first, usually I’d buy a new one before I even finish the whole thing just bc you get tired of using the same thing everyday for a long time.

I got this powder from Hypoallergenic in golden beige shade. Apparently, Hypoallergenic is from same company that produces Celeteque. And that’s a good thing bc I really like celeteque. The saleslady said it’s made of organic materials and is very good for sensitive skin (I really hope so).

I hope everyone’s having a great weekend!

Weekend Notes

To be completely honest, this post is long overdue *cough 2wks overdue cough*. But you know what they say, better late than never.


Over the weekend, I finally got to catch up on my dentist appointment which was another subject for long overdue. Thankfully, after what happened in Marawi seige, my dentist managed to get a new clinic in Iligan City.

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Travel Photobook: Baguio City

Summer has just kicked in and I’m feeling a bit cynical about it bc (1) I’m still a bum (2) Meaning I don’t have the cash (3) Meaning I can’t go anywhere. #SummertimeSadness

Summer’s all about traveling. Srsly. So, I’m crossing my fingers I hope some kind of miracle falls on me and I get to go somewhere. Beside’s we’re only at the first part April.

For the mean time, while I’m waiting for a miracle, I think I’m gonna do this travel photobook a series. It’s gonna be about my previous local travels. I haven’t left the country, yet. So, here goes Baguio City.


From Taguig, the road to Baguio took us about 7 hrs (included the time we lost our way, twice). I recommend you bring with you your favorite people and to make a kick-ass playlist just in case you get lost at least you get to enjoy to enjoy the moment.

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Baguio City is considered the Summer Capital of the Philippines and I’m not gonna argue that. I mean, 3hrs before getting to actual Baguio you’ll regret wearing only a sweater. It was freaking cold.

Baguio City is a famous tourist place,so expect a good amount of tourist to be with you all through the sight seeing. 1

Of course when in Baguio, you just had to try their Strawberry Taho. We also went to La Presa Farm (the one’s where Forevermore was shoot) sadly though the strawberry wasn’t on season. So, if you want to pick fresh strawberries be sure to check the season. Thankfully, the farm sells strawberry jams and it was pretty good as it’s organic (daw). 2

I’m really enjoying this photobook thing aka throwback post for past travels. Shout out to Ate Louise for inspiring me. You can also checkout my first travel photobook in Apo Island.

How bout you? Where are you headed to this summer?