Moon and Dreams || Mystery Bag

Moon and Dreams is a paper good and lettering shop found online. They sell different sort of products such as posters, prints, notebooks and calendars all inspired by the moon and stars. They do have a very strong theme of the universe thus their slogan “Moon & Dreams – Paper goods inspired by the universe”.

The First Time.

I knew about the shop the first time thru another instagram shop they are linked with (@Lalocal). I am a very big fan of Lalocal, which consist of many different creative entrepreneurs that sell products in one shop. So, when I found Moon and Dreams I instantly fell in love; followed their account, visited their blog, watched their instastories—you know the drill. Not long after stalking them, they posted about selling some goods with minor defects in a mystery bag for a lesser price. And being the broke ass that I am, I thought this might be a good chance to finally do the first purchase.

What I got:

(quantity – item)

  • 1       A5 unlined plain notebook
  • 2       A6 Notebooks with Print
  • 4       Prints
  • 9       Stickers


A6 Prints

Impression on the Items.

The goods were supposed to be (slightly) defected that didn’t pass the standard. But in the eyes of an unprofessional, they are perfectly fine. I specially love the stickers which they give me a lot. I was fantasizing all of their items when I ordered that I forgot to read the whole description. I was hoping to receive a patch or more moon prints but it’s only the stickers, notebooks, and prints that will be included in the bag.  I already have the same notebooks that I received but it’s okay I mean I got them on a discounted price. Lesson: never get overly excited to forget reading the details.


Would I purchase again?

I will definitely purchase again from Moon and Dreams. I love their theme and most of the products are really beautiful and unique. This is my first of many creative goods purchases from local artists which I truly TRULY support.

On the other hand, mystery bags. I don’t think mystery bag is my style. I’m quite a thrifty woman; I don’t want wasting money on things which is not useful for me. I’d rather much choose what goes into my cart because I might receive something that I already own or something that I don’t like and that would be such a waste. We WANT to be mindful buyers (emphasis on want). Although, its always tempting to order one again hahaha.

Nevertheless I’m not generalizing all of mystery bags, if I love ALL the products from a shop and I’m okay with getting anything from it then I will definitely make another purchase of a mystery bag.


If you would like to know more about them:

Instagram: @moondreamsph


For those living in Manila, you may also find them at different trades, bazaars and at the store called La Local.

FTC: This is not sponsored. I just love and support the shop. All opinions are honest and sincere.


~If you have reached this part, thank you so much for reading. Hope you have a great day! See you in my next post.~

Love Hafsa


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