November Spreads || Acceptance

Hello everyone! A new month has kicked in, November has arrived. Man, the year is about to end. I feel like the year is just sweeping us by real quick. I feel nostalgic already. Anyhow, here’s my November Spread. I did a really simple one because I wanted to train myself to not overthink when it comes to my bujo. Usually, I take about at least 3hrs when making one-page spread and it just consumes my energy, my time and then I’d  get frustrated bec I can’t make out the image that ensembles what I had in mind. This just refutes all the reasons for having a journal. I made a lot of mistakes in this spread but I am learning to let it go. If you had read my September spread, you’d know I made a point to focus on improving something in myself every month, for this month I am focused to improve on productivity and acceptance.  I usually beat up myself for my mistakes even with the tiniest thing or those that I don’t have control over. As I age, I learned that forgiving our self is the only thing we can do for our own sake. We cannot turn back time; we can’t undo what’s already been done. But we can forgive our self, torturing myself over choosing the wrong pattern of washitape or just bec I could’ve done better doesn’t make things any better. I know it’s easier said than done but learning to set our mind that things can only get better if we let it go, only then we can accept things as they are.


I hope November treats us well and brings us more good things. Are there any things you are focusing on for the month? Would love to hear it from you.

Thank you for reading! Have a great rest of the week. ❤


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