Holiday Sale Encounters

The celebration of Christmas in the Philippines starts at the fall of –ber months, this is basically September, October, November, and December. Yep 4 months –the longest celebration in the world. And while I don’t really celebrate Christmas, I DO love Christmas sale. Who doesn’t, right? Since November has already crept in, I’m sure all of the establishments by now have rolled down their big red tarpaulins of SALE. I can’t help but to get hypnotized and start doing shopping. So that’s how the story of over-spending starts.

Beauty products


  1. Careline Best Brow Liner – Careline has made a rebranding this year and since then they’ve been receiving a lot of attention. I find it really cool that a local brand is able to stand along with the wide range brands of cosmetics. I think for its worth, this brow liner really does stand out for its own.
  2. Baked Cosmetics Lip & Cheek Lip balm (Spacecake) – Another local product from a beginner business on instagram. Tbh tho, I didn’t have any expectation on this one since it’s very cheap but it was actually a really good product. It smells good, it’s very tinted, non-drying and very creamy (a lip balm). Plus I didn’t have to pay for shipping fee bc they’re also from Iligan City. ❤
  3. Forme Only Coffee Eye shadow Pallete –An eye shadow, wow, a big milestone for me (haha). I don’t do eye makeup but I had to buy one bc one household with 3 adult ladies should have at least one eye shadow pallete. Love the colors in this one; I think it’s a safe choice for beginners.


  1. Jasmine Cable Cord Holder – Being the organizer freak that I am, I just had to have one of these. Also look at how cute Jasmine is, Tsum Tsums never disappoint.
  2. Tedt’s Choco Cookies – Tedt’s Café has always been a fave (see) but it’s the first I’m tryin out their cookies. They always serve homey and cozy delight to the tummy.


  1. Breathe Magazine – I didn’t know I would love reading magazines not until I spent an hour in the booksale to waste time while I wait for my mom. That’s how I stumbled into this section where I found the Breathe magazine. Wellbeing, mindfulness, creativity and escaping – simply calls out for my name. I love their layout and graphics, will be searching out for more of mags like this.
  2. Mason Jar – bought a new one bec I broke the 2 old ones I had haha. Nothing more.
  3. Hair Spa in Coconut– Since dying my hair the last month, I need products that will at help prevent them from drying out. I’m not willing to go to the salon every now and then for a hair spa. So I just picked the buy 1 take 1 avail in the watsons, I think for now I’ll just settle for this.


  1. Penshoppe Cambridge T-Shirt – I love shirts that go past my hips and this one suits the reqt. It’s an oversized shirt with a polo shirt texture that speaks I stole THIS from my dad’s closet. I also love the yellow embroidery on the front, super fit for an art hoe aesthetic.
  2. The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde – Another booksale find. Altho I haven’t been reading lately but this one was always recommended by Jenn Im and I thought the sale is a good excuse to have a copy.

I have more unnecessary items piled in my cabinet but I’ll have to save it for another post (yes? please say yes) bec it’ll be an exaggeratedly long list to put everything in just one post. How about you? Are you enjoying the sale season? If you have what are your current lovely finds?

If you have reached this part, thank you so much for reading. Hope you have a great day! See you in my next post.

Love Hafsa


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