Why I Journal

why journal

Sometimes, my head feels like a battlefield. Work, studies, personal life —jarring all at once. When this happens all I want to do is book a flight and runaway BUT reality doesn’t let me afford that. Instead, I grab a notebook and a pen and start to retreat into my own world. Here, I lay out my thoughts every single thing unfiltered. Then I can start reflecting on them and sort different ideas into categories. There’s something about seeing all the stuff from inside your head into physical reality, it makes it look more humane and strangely manageable. From there, I can start deciding whether I should work it out or leave it as it is. It’s a meditation, a hobby, an obsession –it is something that makes me happy. I know having a planner or a journal doesn’t solve the problem, but somehow it makes life a little lighter that’s all that matters.


5 thoughts on “Why I Journal”

  1. I love to journal too. Tried bullet journaling, turns out I’m not that organised but i do like you do and grab it and just let the pen do the talking. Fab post hun, real open, honest and relatable xxx


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