Non-artist went to Art Workshop

I’ve always been a visual-graphic enthusiast (somehow); I would easily appreciate the beauty of visual arts, in different mediums and different expression. I’d watch tons and heaps of tutorials, read different books or blog posts about it but I have never been more from studio

For someone who overuses the word art, I in reality don’t have any skills or whatsoever related to it. I can’t draw, I can’t paint, and I can’t understand any of their terminologies. I am a complete naïve. Not until recently, when I got into playing Photoshop did I ever truly feel the urge to get into classes of any sort of art. Going analog before playing digital has been the number one advices of most artists I follow. That’s how I got my hands into holding brushes and paints and while I was enjoying the moment of creating, the feeling of frustration when you don’t appreciate your output is overwhelming. When I saw a page saying they are offering art workshops somewhere near my place (1hr drive, mind you this is the nearest I can ever get), I jumped out of my wits and swiftly booked myself a slot.

I had no idea art studios are a thing so I am beyond glorified when I found one in facebook. That is, Studio One and is the only art studio I know in Iligan Area (if I’m wrong pleeease educate me). They do workshops regularly but of different forms at a time, as for me I signed up for the Watercolor Portrait Workshop.

What did I expect?

Since I have never been to any kind of art studio, I don’t exactly have any idea how it’s supposed to look like but at the same time my head is going crazy from imagining one. Studio One is a one-stop shop for all art buffs. They sell art materials, have exhibits and offer different art classes. The place can be quite small but isn’t crummy or crowded. It’s workable.

What is it like?

There were 8 students (including me) at the time. We sat in this long table where we all work together. It’s easy to make friends if you try. The teacher was nothing I expected; she was sweet, very assisting and far from scary (?).

I am completely clueless on how to draw portraits and use watercolors. I was expecting all my classmates to be the same, to my surprise tho all my classmates are pretty talented and know how to work with art. So, I felt completely stupid when we started painting. I mean the class was meant for beginners and advanced, that’s why. The teacher gave me one-on-one advices/tips on how to draw and work with watercolor. I think she saw how I was struggling to cope up with the class and I told her I’m a complete beginner. She tried to make it really simple for me to understand and grasp how it really works, which I super appreciated. Plus she was really sweet. Portraits are supposed to be hard, she said, but I guess she was just making me feel less stupid.


Is it worth it? Will I go again?

  • I paid a total of 800 php for the workshop, inclusion of art materials (watercolor paper, watercolor, 2 brushes, masking fluid, pencil, and eraser). Others paid 300 php because they brought their own materials; they only had to pay for the prof fee.
  • The class was supposed to be 1:00-3:00pm but it lasted for more than 3 hours (which I’m not complaining about).
  • They give discounts for second time students.

Setting aside art materials (which we all know isn’t really the cheapest items out there), I think going to the workshops is really worth the money. Getting on-hand experience, knowing whether you’re doing right or wrong, and learning from someone professional is something that I really needed. Also, I get to see how others work on their projects and what is it like to be surrounded by people who have the same interest as I do; it gives me quite the motivation to keep working on my own piece. To be self-taught and to learn everything on your own is scary and it takes a lot of discipline and time. So, if there workshops and classes available nearby I’d grab the chance to learn from others. So, yes, my answer is I will definitely come back.

For more information, you can contact them directly:

Studio One Iligan

instagram: studio_one_iligan

222-1411 / 09173082385


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