Free Apps for Productivity

  • Forest – “Stay Focused, be Present” An app that helps you do your work by keeping you away from your phone. While you do that you grow a virtual forest. It’s like a game; every time you grow a tree, you gain coins which will avail you choose different species to grow or different bgm. It can keep track of your productivity time which will show in your virtual forest. It has alarm settings and forest bgm. This app is free but upgrading to premium unlocks all other features and also you can contribute to planting a real tree.
  • Notebloc – An app that simply turns your pictured documents into much clearer and scanned look. It can also generate the item from photo into pdf file, compiling different docs into one. I usually use my scanners but when I’m on the go and need a quick scan I’d usually use this one.
  • Google Podcasts – Podcast is usually a built-in app in iphone. I’m now using an android phone and I didn’t know this was a thing until I scrolled thru the playstore. Google podcasts works the same as the one on iphone. I usually listen to podcasts when I’m running, ironing clothes or doing chores and just needs a quick boost of brainpower.
  • Mood – Lately, I am trying to meditate more, work mindfully, and focus more. I discovered that listening to nature’s melody makes it easier. This app has a lot of different sounds of nature in different environments, you can make your own combination and change its volume.
  • Fabulous – Fabulous is like a virtual coach that helps you get into healthy habits and reach your goal gradually and surely. It is based from a science institute and is very helpful if you’re into getting things done but doesn’t have the motivation. It has many different features that helps you develop healthy habits, it sets a reminder for you, gives scientific explanations for each habit, tracks your progress and motivates you all through the process.
  • Smart KitAll in one kit. literally it has everything with just one app. All Social media apps, Productivity and utility Tools, world news and shopping apps. I never thought I would need Heart rate Measurement or a code scanner, an exercise tool. Man, I keep coming back for more. Hahaha. Literally everything in one app.
  • Ecosia – Ecosia is a search engine that uses 100% of its profit to plant trees. Each time you use the app, it generates income from the ads that appears on the page and every search equals to planting a tree. While it is not as good as google, using ecosia for simple searches is really beneficial. This makes me really happy because trees are actually a form of Sadakattul Jariyyah, a form of charity which continues even after death. Each time someone takes shade or in any form the tree gives relief to someone you receive a good deed for it. Isn’t that a sweet treat?

I hope everyone’s having a great week! Talk to you soon.



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