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With the constant popping of new little cafés and restos in every corner of Iligan, it’s definitely undeniable that it has become a super rookie in the food scene.  For a foodie like me, that sure is a melody to my ears. There’s a silent thrill about visiting new cafés and restos, because they usually have something new to offer; the ambiance, new taste, the theme. It’s like a little game of treasure hunting –finding your next favorite go-to place.

Food trip, study out, and chika galore have become a lot easier because there are now a lot of options to choose from. I listed down some of my own go-to favorites (in no particular order):

Tedt’s Café

tedts cafe

From a small time café they now have 3 branches in Iligan. Now that’s some Swak-na-Swak business story. With their cute artisan cupcakes to cozy meals, you’d know why they got to the place they’re at  present. I’m never the type to eat out alone but with their cozy ambiance, I can just go in and feel safe all by myself.

House of Fries

big blogbase

This one has made quite a buzz since their opening and everyone has been loving the place. Who wouldn’t? Their food is bomb that comes at such affordable price. Many barkadas go there and can casually talk about stuffs because good food loosens the mouth for good talk.

Tavolo / D-dhon’s


These two are actually affiliates or brother resto. They have the same ambiance and some of the menu is the same. While I’ve been loving D-Dhon’s since their very opening in MSU, I’m sort of still getting to know Tavolo but one thing’s for sure they both know how to fill your stomach with good food.

The place can get really crowded especially during meal time so hanging out longer than usual may be uncomfortable. But at least their food is bomb.



This has always and always been my squad’s go to place. We’ve been there since the very beginning of it all (wow supportive), so you can say we have sort of emotional attachment to it. I can’t help but be proud that they now have 4 branches over all (2 in Marawi, 2 in Iligan). Their Taro is my favorite taro milk tea ever.

Pinch Sugar and Spice


Ever wondered what it’s like to have coffee in a dreamy café? Pinch Café might just have the answer.  There is nothing to looooove in this place, everything is just so adorable. Tables, walls, chairs—filled with charming arts. They have homemade sweet goodies perfect pair for coffee.


If you are into Mediterranean food then Oasis resto is your place to go. This is a place that I’ve only recently been to. The place may look a little too fancy from the outside but they are still affordable. I love the corner where you sit on the floor with lots of curtains; you can definitely feel the Arabian style going. Perfect hideout for when you feel stressed and looking  for a peaceful retreat.

If you’re from Iligan, please tell me your fave place to eat. I would love to go and try and maybe add it to my list of faves! Have a lovely rest of the week everyone! 🙂


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