September Bujo Spread


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Hello folks! I hope you’re all having a great week. It has been days since September rolled in, which is a good excuse for a new monthly bujo spread. Tbh tho, it has been so long since the last time I made a monthly spread. I miss chilling out in the blogosphere, I’ve been meaning to come back but after going through a very busy period all I wanted to do was relax even after doing nothing for two months now, my mind doesn’t feel like working. Also, I think  I’m kind of in a block. I feel like I don’t have any motivation and inspiration to create. However, seeing all the new spread on my ig feed made me feel so inspired to do one.  Hoping to continue uploading new stuff in the coming months. Anyhow, here’s my September Spread:


I usually do a single page(?) spread for the whole month, just because I use separate notebooks for my daily to-do list, trackers, journal. My Bujo notebook is simply an visual overview of how I would want the month to feel like. Yeah.


My typical spread consist of a monthly calendar, general to-do for the month, goals and happenings (what happened  during the month). This month though I added some new category which include; looking forward to (stuffs that makes me excited, I wanted to write this down so I could look back into it and see if I still feel the same excitement after a month) and improve on (every  month I’ll write a trait or two which I will work on improving on) .


Most of the items in the spread are from September bujo kit printable made by the lovely Jordan Clark. I really love her videos and the fact that she shares her printable for free is just so wonderful. I love her! This month I also followed a lot of artist on instagram and youtube so I could easily have a daily dose of inspiration on my feed. I would love to follow more and if you have any suggestion just hit me up, I would love to check it out.


Hope to see you soon! Thanks for dropping by. ❤


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