Random Haul

Recently, I have been randomly buying stuffs here and there and somehow they kind of just end up piling in my cabinet untouched. So, just like last time I decided to make a little haul out of it.

Also, most of the stuff remained literally untouched so you might still see them in their plastic covers.


  • First up, this cutie coin purse from a Taiwanese (?) store and tbh the main reason why it’s here is because it’s pink and it has doughnut a.k.a. my biggest weaknesses.


  • Then we have here a book which I have been eyeing on for the longest time and now I finally have it in paperback! I loooove Murakami and one of my fave youtuber keeps recommending this one so I knew I need have to have my own.


  • Next is the Green Tea collection by Twinings which I initially bought because I’ve read that green tea helps with pimples but I am slowly starting to actually enjoy it. There are 5 different flavors in this collection all green tea fused with other flavor; mint, earl grey, jasmine, lemon and pure green tea.


  • Drawing eyebrow from Etude House. This one has been an old fave and since I run out of my old one I have to have new one in the lightest shade. One thing I like about this one is the convenience of having a brush on one end.


  • Another thing is this wallet. A little confession; I actually got this one from children’s accessories. I have been looking for a slim wallet with a cute color and it just so happen it’s for kids, so whatever keri (even when the sales lady half laughed when I said it was for me).


  • Water bottle from Surplus. I don’t usually go small with my water bottle but my friend bought one for her self and told me we it would be cute if we’re matching  and so I bought one too.



16 thoughts on “Random Haul”

  1. I can’t help but click haul posts I’m addicted to them – I’ve been wanting to start my own youtube channel. Your pictures are soo cute!

    Liked by 1 person

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