Cebu Lookbook

Been struggling a lot about making a blog post about my trip in Cebu, although I did post a Cebu Photobook, but other than that I couldn’t really make anything out of it. Before the trip, I had a lot of ideas on how I would like things to go but REALITY check in. Too many great things happened and the photos were too many to sort out. Also, I kind of lost my momentum (zowrry).

However, my friends keep asking about when the vlog is going up (kasi I also took lots of videos). I really did overestimate myself right there, joke’s on me ha! So, I tried digging thru the black hole of a folder entitled ‘CEBU’ when I remembered. . . ahh yes, I did took shots of my friends in their outfits and so I made a tiny video out of it. If you fancy, you can click thru the link and watch my lovely friends in their ‘vacation outfits’ and how I was forcing my friends to act like models (hihi).


Thank you for passing by! Have a great day!


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