Why You Should Be An Inner Circle

Really ReallyIslandFoolsEmpty.

If you haven’t heard of these songs then WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE. (stop reading this and go give it a listen)

Seunghoon. Mino. Seungyoon. Jinwhan.

I never really sign myself into any fandom but with these guys I made an exemption. This means I’m officially an Inner CircleIf you aren’t one yet then you definitely should because I have all the good reason to ship them:

  • Winner has the looks. They     are the very definition of models. Aside from being tall and slim, each     member has their own classic and unique good looks to flaunt.
  • Winner is a bunch of adorbs. Behind their model-like physique, they’re just extremely adorable. They’re too innocent that they come out clumsy, funny, and huge dorks. I mean look at this.
  • Winner is extremely hardworking. They are where they are right now because they worked hard for it. They have been honed and refined by many hardships and challenges, and each time they survive stronger and wiser. They’ve been through many reality shows that proves how difficult they’ve achieved their dreams.
  • Winner makes their own music. They produce their own songs, from lyrics to melody, they can do it!
  • Winner is talent. There are only four of them in the group but their talent is just swarming. Not only are they great in making music but also in arts! Mino is great at drawing, Seunghoon is a dancing machine, Jinhyun is an variety show genius and Seungyoon is a promising actor (he’s in Prison Playbook).
  • Winner has good character. The fact that they call themselves ugly duckling just because they took on a different genre is just so brave and courageous and at the same time their super sweet and soft hearted. If you have watched their reality show Bandaland, I’m sure u know what I mean!

With over thousands and thousands of kpop Idols, you can say the competition is really cutthroat. It’s hard to standout if youre only mediocre. Good Music + Character matter for every idol. That’s the very reason why I got so hooked up with Winner.


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