Cebu Photobook


This trip had been a rollercoaster of a ride; I had my highest highs and my lowest lows. Setting aside fieldtrips, this is the very first trip I had with my friends. We have to plan out everything –food, where to stay, what to do, money –all that necessary jazz. So, it was likely to have my expectation up. But just like life, unexpected things are bound to happen. To start off, our ship got postponed due to a typhoon. Then more unexpected things keep happening –our expenditure went over the budget, most of the establishments were closed. It was a series of unfortunate events.

big blogbase2 temple of leah

4 sirao6 taoist

But taking everything into account, I still couldn’t be more grateful that the journey happened. Because along the way even greater things came about –we were able to meet new people, explore and learn more about ourselves, experience more of life and most importantly we appreciated the vastness of nature and realized just how small we are in front of God’s creation.

3 aeropark5 sirao

7 fort

P.S. It was a pain having to choose only few of the photos bc we had a lot. LOT. (Tip: Be sure to not over use burst shots it’ll take forever to choose photos that are identically similar). Also, I am yet to scan thru our photos from Bantayan Island. Hihihi. I am thinking I should save it for another post maybe? The place is so stunning it deserves to be in another post.

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