January Faves

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Wow, we are on the second month of the year already! How have you been keeping up with your 365 journal? I never had one, so I’m good haha. Anyway, I’m so glad February is finally here bc I have always been awkward with January, being a new beginning and all that. But nonetheless, January had been cool and I have some stuff that I have been loving during the month of January.


  • Aloe Gel from The Face Shop. I know. I know. I am very late at trying this stuff but at least now I have them. Hahaha. I mostly use it for my hair and scalp bc my face is still on medication for my pimps.


  • Notebooks from Miniso. Uhmm. I don’t have anything to say about this. Explanation is here. But ugghh that pretty pink color and the details. It’s almost a sin not to buy this one.


Nescafe Gold’s Latte Macchiato. I don’t know how but some time ago I have get over my obsession from Great Taste Choco (and mind you I have been having it for more than 3 yrs every day) and since then I have been trying out other coffee. I am now more into Nescafe’s line of coffee and this on particularly is my new fave.


  • Baby Lips (Orange flavor) from Maybelline. This product has been a great game changer bc ever since I got this I have almost stopped wearing lipstick. I mean lip balm with very vivid color is my kind of jam. I love that it’s so natural looking and doesn’t dry the lips.


  •  Aquarelle Brush from Miniso. I have been meaning to buy Tombow brush pens for the longest time except I’m so broke for that. So you can just imagine how freaking happy I was when I saw these dupes. Hello 100php for 3pens!! What a freaking deal.


  • Spoon straw.  This one is a super random find but super cool. It’s a spoon in a straw or a straw in a spoon, whatever. Plus, it is detachable! One thing tho is that I hope they can have it pink color too.

  • Little Girl Designs. Super love her retreat series! If you love art and a journalista at heart you should definitely visit her blog.
  • Thought Catalog. It’s an online magazine mostly about young adulthood (20’s) life. I’ve been loving them since I came across their life after college articles. I’m inserting this one just now in case you guys need it. They make really good articles.

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