Coffee Reads iii

Hello folks! It’s only Thursday but I am already in Uggh Monday mood bc regular classes starts  next week. It’s only start of a new sem but I can already feel the massive school work coming my way. Huhuhu. Anyway, I’m trying to be as productive as I can before I get caught up with all the school stuff. And so I have a new set of reads to start it off. Some of these tho are not as current bc I read them months ago. Regardless, I hope u still enjoy reading my thoughts on these books. Hihihi.

  • Before I Fall by Oliver Lauren

2 stars / 5 stars

The book has an interesting plot of a girl stuck on the last day of her life. Samantha Kingston a high school it girl, relives 12th of February every day and no matter how much she tries to break free, she seems to be stuck forever.

To be completely honest, I actually didn’t like it as much bc I knew what was gonna happen all along. I’ve watched bits and parts of the movie but my sister broke the whole story on me. Which is a bummer. It was a torture having to go through the entire book just because “I’ve started it already“. I do like the part where she discovers more of what really happens outside her inner circle –of how she realize other people’s presence and feelings, of how her friends are truly are and/or aren’t.

  • Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

3.5 stars / 5 stars

This is the first novel of Nicola Yoon but the second book that I’ve read from her. Tbh, I liked this more than the first read The Sun is also a Star. I enjoyed the writing style, IM chats, the illustrations by her husband and the way she illustrates the phrase “life is a gift”.

I really liked the character of Madeline Whittier, the why her thoughts flow is so genuine and so spot-on. Even with all her sickness, she’s friendly, cheerful and a huge dreamer. I think she and the guy are icons to positivity, despite their situations.

There has been a movie adaptation to this book and I think the boy is pretty cute. hihihi. Although I wish in the movie, they had given a little story to Rosa (her nurse’s daughter) and Kara (the guy’s sister). I feel like at some point they have a story of their own. But overall, I like how it was.

  • Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang

4 stars / 5 stars

This is a story of Liz Emerson –a popular it girl and a huge bully. She, basically just like any bully, rules out everyone. Everyone around her has every reason to hate her, and that’s including herself. She hated how she had become, she hated herself so much that she has started convincing herself to give up. The story shows her presence in other people’s lives, of how she came to be their nightmares or of how she used to be not that way.

I like the writing style; it’s soulful and pretty. But what’s crazy about it is that all of these deep feelings are coming from the debut author Amy Zhang, a high school student with a crazy talent. She was able to portray how powerful depression is and I think it also brings a lesson on how we can help people get over from it.

  • Every You, Every Me by David Levithan

4.5 stars / 5 stars

I’m starting to be in love with Levithan, no wait scratch that, I think I’m already in love. He writes stories that is so different but is not weird enough. Different in a good way. He’s not redundant; he always comes up with new brilliant ideas, things only he can think of. And his writing style is never the same.

So far, this book is my favorite of his. It’s so addicting and disturbing at the same time. Disturbing, in a way that it messes up with your mental state. I was reading the book in one sitting but halfway thru I forced myself to have a short minute break bc my mind and my whole body is getting so worked up. That was how much I’m into it. I must say I love all of it. I was so happy with how it all went from start to finish. One of my faves!

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