Weekend Notes ii

Trust me when I say, when you and your friends are done with school, meeting up with them becomes a tough task. My friendly advice is, if youre still in school and you have your bffs make to most out of it, it may feel like school takes on forever but it actually doesn’t. When mah girls finally got our schedules matched, we knew we had to go out together. Not to mention, this was the day Typhoon Urduja decided to come to town and rain-visit us. But that did not stop us from push through-ing this long-long overdue meet-up. We still went down to Iligan despite the heavy rain. #strongindependentwoman

Bc I quote “pag di tau matuloy bka next year na ulit tayo magkita


So, our first stop was in Tavolo. Weird thing was we were literally the only people in the place. It was so deserted that our chika was just all over the place. I ordered korean beef with rice and a detox shake.


After then, we went to Plaza Alemania’s IGT  Music lounge. And again it was deserted. I mean it is pretty normal to go sing your heart out at 1pm right? Hihi. We ended up not singing too much tho as we were too caught up with our chika. Hahahha.


Then, we went to Naicha to get some drinks. I ordered Japanese Matcha Milktea. We have here the girls getting their December-babies-celebration. We don’t see each other often so gotta take the opportunity and throw that candle in for some catch-up celebration mode.


Also, shoutout to this girl who pretty much boosts my self-value every time. She’s like a pill of confidence and wisdom.


So that’s, pretty much it. Food, chika, food, chika.

They say it’s not about how long you’ve known a person but how you feel when youre with  them. It’s totally true bc I’ve only known these girls for a year and it feels like we’ve known each other far more than that. Actually, the first day we’ve met doesn’t feel like that at all. We were so comfortable with one another on our first day. Funny thing is, people even thought we were bffs! As cliché as this sounds, maybe we were really meant to be friends. We barely meet each other now but yknow they’re always for keeps.

How bout you guys, how was your weekend.


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