A Mini Photobook: Cotabato and Contradictions


I’ve never told anyone about it but I’ve visited Cotabato City. Some time ago, I went with people I’ve met for the first time and stayed for 4 days. It was almost a forced trip even though I went with my own two feet and my mind very conscious.  And while I didn’t go there for fun, I’d say I’m grateful I went. For most parts, Cotabato is everything but my expectations.




Cotabato is a sweet magic of its own. A thoroughly disarming city adorned by culture and diversity, of modernization and passé, of bustling alleys and calm forests –wrapped in different layers of contradiction. But at the end of the day, even with all her chaos, it ever so slowly grows on you and you get familiarity with all of its quirks.


How bout you folks? Where are your recent visits? Or future visits?


14 thoughts on “A Mini Photobook: Cotabato and Contradictions”

    1. awwe thank you appreciating. really means a lot! ❤
      my life here is as uneventful (I live in a very province community!) but sometimes unexpected things comes every once in while so expect yours in the right time! :))

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