Caffeinated Thought: Love

There was a girl who grew up poor of love, so growing up she craved for it. With a dear heart, she started looking for love then. ”I looked everywhere” she said “but still I couldn’t find it” . She searched in every crack, in every ocean, in every hand she held, in every eye she stared. “Maybe it’s just not meant for me” Or maybe you weren’t looking at the right way. Love is universal. It’s a cycle and it never dies. It just needs a little nurturing and growing. There is love in every breath we take. But it’s not the kind of love you’re running for. You see, love is designed for a purpose. It’s for patience, for heartbreak, for grace, for salvation. But it’s never the same for everyone. It needs time and waiting. We have to stop searching and look at it in a different light and breathe it in in the right way.


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