The DOs and DONTs for combi-sensitive skin

Maintaining my skin has been one of the struggles that I have to constantly deal with for the longest time now. I may not have that perfect skin state but I have my fair share of visit inside a dermatologist’s office. Im not saying I’m some kind of a skin-guru but here are just some tips that helped me in dealing my combination (oily-dry) skin.



1. Don’t use towel in wiping your face

— Towel are out in open for bacteria to live in

2. Don’t use any hard-core chemical cleanser

— Usually drugstore are very prone to this

3. Don’t put too much products on the skin

— This may cause irritation-reaction bc of many diff ingredients

4. Don’t touch your face so much

— Bacteria on hand may transfer on the face

5. Don’t use bar soaps

— There may be some products that can mild but most of the time it just adds to the dryness of the skin.



1. Use tissue in wiping your face dry

–Just 1-3 plies of tissue is enough to pat the skin dry. Be sure to put the tissue in dry and clean place.

2. Use very very mild cleansers

— Be very careful in choosing the right products. This is a very important step because

3. Use sunscreen all the time

— This one step I actually just newly accustomed. I never really realized how even inside the house I need to use sunscreen. Not until a year ago, my dermatologist explained how the heat and sun’s ray of light cause so much damage to the skin. Other steps to skin regime is almost useless without protecting the skin.

4. Use moisturizer

— Moisturizer is the one thing that I can’t live without. It my cheeks are dry thus the daily use of moisturizer. It helps prevent the drying and peeling of my skin. Believe me when I say, even oily people must use it. It helps restore the moisture of the skin that are gone from when washed and locks in the natural oils so as for our skin to not over reproduce oil.

5. Drink lots of water

— You may have heard of this a lot that you’re so tired of it. But it really does the trick. Taking care of your body is taking care of your skin.


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