Journal Materials Haul


I was checking through the plastic bag that has all the recently-bought stuff which I haven’t touched yet and realized I’ve only bought craft materials in the previous month. Seeing that, I decided to make a little haul.


First off, I have a set of washi tapes from Fuji Film. They come as 5 in a set. Mind you, deciding to get only one is a tough choice bc I want all of them! And it’s cute that Fuji film has a lot of craft materials you can use for scrap booking.


And some really common pastel colored clips you can get from National bookstore. The sticker was from Fuji film as well but I gave most of it to my little sister bc it’s the bulgy type of sticker so it doesn’t go well with my journal.

I also have a floral printable. This one I got for free from here.

I also bought sticky notes from a stationary store in the mall. I’ve already used this one and I’m really loving the gridded pink one.

You can’t have too many pens, esp when they’re cute and pink. Hihi. I bought them from different random stores so I can’t remember which one is which.

I use most of my craft supplies in journaling and this is the planner that I use for that. I got this one, month ago from a random stall in Greenhills.

Lastly, underneath the planner are some craft papers I got from National Bookstore. They’re actually all from the gift wrapping section hihihi. They add nice different texture to a journal spread. I didn’t include a picture bc they’re all super wrinkled now (hint: someone chucked them in the cabinet and totally forgot abt it).


That’s about it. I would love to see different materials you use for your journal. Feel free to link yours in the comment section. Have a lovely week! xx



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