Lust For Life Album: Thoughts

(Jsyk, this is me writing from an audience/fan’s point of view.  And no, I am not a music critic or anything whatsoever. I just freaking love Lana, to the freaking moon and back.)


Now, shall we?


This album has been long awaited since her last album, Honeymoon (2015), so it comes to no surprise that I am beyond ecstatic when I heard the first single, Love. I wasn’t expecting the change of scene.  We no longer see old men and toxic relationships. It was younger, lighter, and more positive.  The fans was very pleased when the album cover was posted online, bc after 4 albums she was finally smiling, radiantly.  The girl deserves it.

That being said, when the full album was released on July 21, 2017, what the fans predicted was almost right on the dot. According to a recent interview, the smile is symbolic of a new artistic chapter. It was her goal, she says, for this album to mark a “moving-on-ness from wherever that other place was  that  Honeymoon  and  Ultraviolence came from. I loved those records, but I felt a little stuck in the same spot.”

I, on the other hand, was shookt to the core when I read the article saying that she, and I quote, “teetering in the brink of collapsing under the weight of her own mythology.” My love for Lana was rooted in those songs; miserable, sorrow-drenched (call me emo punk, Idc). She was the realest and the songs were shed on the light note. But it turns out, the critics thought it was dragging and limited in range of emotions. Thankfully, with the new album she has revived herself. It received a lot positive reviews and even topped the charts. So happy of my gurl!

“In a 2017 pop game riddled with thirst, trend-hops and burn-outs, Lana Del Rey has earned a remarkable, singular consistency.” –Billboards


My personal fave songs; LOVE, Coachella – Woodstock in My Mind, Groupie Love, and Beautiful People Beautiful problem. If you didn’t notice I caps locked LOVE (see what I did there?) because so much love for this song. Different emotions are drawn from my young adult self.

“Doesn’t matter if I’m not enough, for the future or the things to come.”

Coachella – Woodstock in My Mind, the title itself draws you in. Of course, I cannot visualize Lana without flower crowns and her Coachella feels.  I think it’s the most Lana del Rey song in the album. Sweetly innocent and with the hint of her affinity to death.


Even though she said it’s a joyful transition to an artistic I am so happy that she still remained the same aesthetic that I loved.  Her 60’s-70’s feels, the nostalgia, the melancholy—I love it all!


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