July Recap

July, sure did came by like a blink, but I definitely enjoyed the ride. I went out more than I usually do, going here and there. Met some of my friends, which is a very rare thing in our situation. Tried to take every moment into snapshots, the key word right there is tried. I failed. So here are some of the things that happened in July.

july recap(1)

I’ve been learning how to drive for a while and this July I am able to finally drive around.

july base1

And of course I cannot forget my essentials. You always have to have your sunnies and drivers’ license when you’re driving around.


Also, I’ve been resisting this guy right here for so long but im officially giving in. initially, suga was my bias and I wanted to stay loyal for as long as I can but…. I mean who could resist such a charmer.Jimin is my bae of the month.

Although I tried to cut down from watching too much kdrama and kvariety show, still I cannot drop it in one go. So, i  narrowed it down to this list.


In July also, some friends graduated which became a reason to have a mini reunion. Most of my besties who were away came, so we took the chance to spend the time together and just enjoy for a little. While we were in the Plaza Alemania where one of our friend celebrated, we happen to bump into some of the tv news casters like, Chiara Sambrano.

*If you noticed, I purposely eroded the pictures hihi


I cannot forget about how much I gained weight in the month of July. But no regrets, the food are just too good. Especially, when most of the time its libreeeeee. Hihihi.


And it was my birthday on the 27th. Hahahha. And no, I’m not 16 nor 18.


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