Coffee Reads ii

I cannot believe I am back with another episode of Coffee Reads. I mean, really? Me? The laziest human that has ever been? With another set of reads?? *Pats my own shoulder* Yes, yes. In between printing resumes and drinking coffee, I have been trying my very best to be as productive as I can be. Bum life is so real. So here are my reads for the past moments of my life;


Destiny’s and Meant to be’s are the things that Daniel believed in but Natasha doesn’t believe in these sort of things. She believes in science and reality. So, Daniel tries to convince Natasha that these stuffs really do exist and as the day unfolds, small things that bring them together might just not be small at all. Natasha starts to think otherwise.

Ok. So I started reading this just because it got a lot of good reviews. I say, it’s fine.

Yeah, the plot of the story is nice. How everything happened in the span of 24 hrs; woooaah pretty impressive. Jamaican-Korean Couple; totally fresh  and unexpected. But the idea of love at first sight, it’s really cringey. Now, don’t get me wrong I do believe in love at first sight, it’s just that I the idea becomes extra cheesy when it’s written down unto paper. Idk it just makes my fingers curl in embarrassment. I know it is how it usually is but still I cannot bring myself to give more than 3 stars.

  • Every Day by David Levithan

This is a story of someone named A. No surname. No gender. No purpose. Nothing. Just that, A is a being with feelings and emotions, but with no human body. A’s life includes inhabiting another person’s body, unwillingly. Every morning, he wakes up in a different body and a different life. Until, he met this girl. This gave him a goal, a purpose, a reason in life.

I really adore the smart idea of the story.  This is a thought provoking reminder that love reaches beyond appearance or gender. Although rather than focusing on the love story, I am more into the different characters that the protagonist wakes up to. I am keen on what kind of person he is for the day. How he sees through the eyes of different individuals; jerks, loners, suicidal, lgbt. Levithan has touched most of the major concerns of today’s young adult, which is a really good way to give small insights to these issues. Personally, I had a lot of take outs on how the different types of people are (this is from someone who doesn’t get to meet a lot of people) and their why’s and different reasons. As charming as it is, at the end I find the book very intriguing. A lot of questions are left unanswered and confusing. But overall, I love it.

  • Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han

This is the third and last installment of To all the Boys I’ve Loved Before. To be honest, at the very first book I had a lot of anticipation because the reviews, the cover, the title and whatnots are simply so good. Then when I finished it I had come to an understanding about Jenny Han’s style of writing, her books are really light and charming in its own way; it doesn’t get you to a roller coaster ride, rather it’s about the tangible journey of the story. After the first book I just realized I’m a fan. And with this last story of Lara Jean, I think it’s cute (adorable) as she has always been.  Her journey to the last part of highschool also gives loads of nostalgia. It pokes a thought on wishing that I could have given thought on how to end my younger days and about college. And also, Peter Kavinsky! That boy gives such a dreamy character, dreamy and romantic. Total fiction but still gives you butterflies.

  • Sad Girls by Lang Leav

I am a big Lang Leav fan so when the news broke about her very first novel I was beyond stoked.  I couldn’t help but fantasize on what is it about and how would it go. From her previous works, she was dainty and dreamy and all that, so of course I was expecting the same way about her new project. But boy was I wrong, I was even shookt when I finally started reading because the book was a little on the dark side. Not her usual.

It is a story of a girl named Audrey. And in one particular night she did something she didn’t realize to be the nascence of story of the sad girls. From then the story rolls out, of struggles, lies, moving forward and of coping and accepting things (or life) the way it is.

  • Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

“Creating safe space for progressive healing and forward movement” – Rupi Kaur

–truest in the real sense. And I couldn’t agree more. When I was reading the book I’d give myself breaks from to time to time. To be honest, I couldn’t believe how I went through the whole book because it was so sad, heartbreaking. So naked, so raw. So real it’s almost devastating. But I just keep going. It gave me a sense of a feminist, to sympathize with all the other girls in all parts of the globe. I felt an urge to protect the frail and to stand strong for myself. It was a paradox in its own way, it was tender and delicate but it feels empowering.

This is for the girls who were bitter-stained in life. They forgot what sweetness is like. This is your Milk and Honey.


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