Mini Comeback + Watercolor

bigger blank

I’ve been really out of my element in the past few weeks I guess it’s because of everything happening around the world and how the things that I’ve been planning for the longest time didn’t worked out and the whatnots, thus my absencia here. At those moments that I’m away, I tried to get to my spiritual core, feeding it optimism and hope and God’s wisdom. And though I may not add direct and big changes to the world I realized that being sincere and hopeful that things will soon get better does makes the world a little brighter. I’ve also come to an understanding that things work out in God’s timing not mine. And I just have to trust the process, might as well enjoy it while I’m at it.

Image (33)-crop1let me fall inlove

Image (33)-cropImage (33)-crop1

I’ve also tried channeling my collected optimism into knacks that I have been working on. I decided to give watercolor another go and honestly I still suck but I think there’s a little (not so obvious but still) progress and that’s what matters.

And it’s already July guys! I cannot believe how fast the time is sweeping on us. I’m putting a lot of hope for July so I guess this is like a welcome post for luck. Happy July everyone!


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