Coffee Reads

2017 has so far been a good year of reading for me and I guess it’s all because I’m a bum and  I have a lot of time in my hands so I decided to make a list of my recent reads.  And of course what better way to enjoy reading than to drink it with coffee (thus the title Coffee Reads).

Warning: Might contain some spoilers

  • Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider

2 stars/5

First of all, I only gave it 2 stars because the description was very promising and made me all excited and my expectations went really high however it quickly went down the drain. The idea of the whole setting is a bit skeptical, boarding school for TB affirmative, uhm…. And the  plot to present the lesson of how to enjoy the moment and to not live in the future is somehow cliché, it just doesn’t tug a heart.

  • The Opposite of Loneliness by Marigan Keegan

3 stars/5

The Opposite of Loneliness. Just the perfect title while I was looking for some optimistic reads. This is a compilation of essays and short stories of a Magna Cumlaude graduate from Yale but tragically died in a car crash 5 days after graduation. Her graduation speech is really overwhelming especially now that I’m done with college. It brought back a lot of memories from university and friends.

  • We are still Tornadoes by Michael Kun


This is a witty and funny story about two best friends who are still figuring out what to do with the rest of their lives. While Cath deals w college and its crunch, Scott tries to get through his life in his dad’s shop with his dad. There’s something about exchange of letters that (for me) makes the book a lot entertaining and exciting. I guess it’s because letters makes it feel like it’s personal and almost true. It’s actually one of my faves so far. It also featured in the Buzzfeed  Must-Read Book so yeah good read!

  • Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasglow


Girl in pieces is a story of a cutter-how she came to be, why she’s done it, how she’s trying to recover from it. It’s a beautiful story of letting go of your mistakes, of your old self. It’s about a girl fighting for her new life.

It is prettily written; her struggles, her loss, in some way it resemble ours too. Even w its grungy feels it still represents hope and inspiration. It gives hope to new start and new journey.

Although the story doesn’t move around a lot, her thoughts and words are simply overwhelming.

“Because while I say sadness what I really mean is black whole inside me filled w nails and rock and broke glass and the words I don’t have anymore.”

  • Memories by Lang Leav


This specific book of poetry is a collection of selected pieces from her earlier works (Lullabies and Love & Misadventure). There are also 35 new poems included. Unlike the other books, the illustrations in Memories are presented in four-color.

I’m a big fan of Lang Leav so of course I have to have all her books. Strangely though, even if I had this since it was published I haven’t read it yet until now. I don’t know, maybe I’m just not in love enough. You see, with Lang Leav I read her books when I’m in the mood. Love, roses, nostalgia, short hairs, deep feelings, serenity— these are words that reminds me of her works.

  • All the Bright Places by Jinefer Niven


My ultimate favorite. Actually started reading this from a long time ago but abandoned it after the first few pages and thank God I pushed through my laziness and finished the whole book. Theodore Finch. Theodore freakin Finch. He’s probably one of the best characters that have ever been. He’s witty, he’s flirty, he’s a know-it-all and he’s totally charming. Initially, I thought this was a love story but it’s actually not. The story doesn’t really move about his love. It’s about just like any teenager worry, how he’s life would matter. And I love him so much I actually cried my eyeballs out until I could no longer breathe (bc my nose blocked from yknow what). He made me wonder what to leave after we’re gone. How do we make ourselves matter? And how love doesn’t actually conquer all. (I sort of hate V for not crying at every chapter).


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