When things didn’t work out for you

You have the right to be depressed when your work doesn’t pay off. Be sad. Cry. Let it all out. But don’t just end it there. What you are feeling right now will pass. You have to pick up your courage and start to move on. But how exactly?

Reflect on your act. Try to remember where it went wrong. Dissect your actions and your thoughts; ask yourself why it didn’t work out? And once you found it, work on it. Use it as an opportunity to improve yourself. Make it a driving force to go beyond your limit. Help yourself become better because you are a work in progress. You are meant for something much much bigger. And remember that no good deed with clean intention is ever wasted. It will always have its purpose; it might be a lesson or an opening to something bigger. You only need to believe. And while you’re at it enjoy the process.




P.S. This is me writing to myself, trying to comfort every depressed bone in me.


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