Travel Photobook: Baguio City

Summer has just kicked in and I’m feeling a bit cynical about it bc (1) I’m still a bum (2) Meaning I don’t have the cash (3) Meaning I can’t go anywhere. #SummertimeSadness

Summer’s all about traveling. Srsly. So, I’m crossing my fingers I hope some kind of miracle falls on me and I get to go somewhere. Beside’s we’re only at the first part April.

For the mean time, while I’m waiting for a miracle, I think I’m gonna do this travel photobook a series. It’s gonna be about my previous local travels. I haven’t left the country, yet. So, here goes Baguio City.


From Taguig, the road to Baguio took us about 7 hrs (included the time we lost our way, twice). I recommend you bring with you your favorite people and to make a kick-ass playlist just in case you get lost at least you get to enjoy to enjoy the moment.

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Baguio City is considered the Summer Capital of the Philippines and I’m not gonna argue that. I mean, 3hrs before getting to actual Baguio you’ll regret wearing only a sweater. It was freaking cold.

Baguio City is a famous tourist place,so expect a good amount of tourist to be with you all through the sight seeing. 1

Of course when in Baguio, you just had to try their Strawberry Taho. We also went to La Presa Farm (the one’s where Forevermore was shoot) sadly though the strawberry wasn’t on season. So, if you want to pick fresh strawberries be sure to check the season. Thankfully, the farm sells strawberry jams and it was pretty good as it’s organic (daw). 2

I’m really enjoying this photobook thing aka throwback post for past travels. Shout out to Ate Louise for inspiring me. You can also checkout my first travel photobook in Apo Island.

How bout you? Where are you headed to this summer?



2 thoughts on “Travel Photobook: Baguio City”

  1. Had a lot of fun during trip to Baguio 3 or 4 years ago. I miss every bits of Baguio and i absolutely want to try their strawberry taho again! Hoping to explore Baguio again and experience their night market!


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