Apo Island Photobook

There’s only one name that makes people happy being called a bum and that’s– a summer/beach bum. Being surrounded by ocean waters, the sound of the waves, the warm breeze, lovely sunsets, good music and great people to hang with– sounds perff. And so far, my memories of best beach life brings me back to the summer of 2015. The year I was in Apo Island.

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Had to make a post about it because a huge amount nostalgia hit me and I suddenly missed everything. And watching Moana (guuyyysssss, I love it so much!) doesn’t help at all. Because the feeling of  sea water, white sands, clear skies and nice island people is never easy to be forgotten.

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It’s probably the best feeling in the world, the sorts that makes you feel so high, sorts that makes you feel let go of everything.

Apo Island Wander

It’s not just the place, it’s actually the memories I made there.

Summer’s just around the corner, what are your plans you guys?  I’d love to hear it  hear it. Don’t be silent Sue, tell me. Myself? I’m not sure yet, I’m probably just gonna stare at old photos and soak myself in the goodness of me old memories. Hahaha. bum (not the good kind).



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