Too Many Notebooks

tumblr_static_6ilveu6g6tc04g4cwc4w08ksgHere’s a dirty little secret, I have a bad habit of buying notebooks that I can never use. And it’s starting to pile up! It’s sort of like an impulse buying. Yknow, those moments in Confessions of a Shopaholic where once she sees the item, she just knows it’s for her—an instinct you can call. That’s exactly how I feel except I’m in love with notebooks.


And I know it started to become unhealthy when I started making up lame excuses, sorts like; I can use as a draft notebook or an extra notebook in class. But I know and I know really well that will never happen (uhmm I’m out of school). Because to be honest, I can’t really use a nice-ass, pretty paper just that easily. I’m a sentimental person so each notebook is, as cliché as it sounds, special.


I usually choose notebooks based on the texture, the lines or the absence of lines, sometimes even with the smell (weird game too strong hahaha). It’s more of what’s inside, not just on the cover (sounds familiar eh?). In some way, notebooks also have their own little story.

Fortunately though, this love for notebook never got me to buy anything too expensive. Trust me, there are affordable but good quality notebooks out there. You just gotta look at the right places!


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