The Hidden Falls; TINAGO

For the past few days I’ve been spending my life as a tourist guide. Family friends from Cebu came for a visit and my mom think it is a brilliant idea to have me assist them, might as well make use of a bum (me). And of course Iligan being the City of Falls, we took them to the infamous Tinago Falls.


I’ve been to Mimbalot and Maria Christina falls (told yaa? Iligan City being the City of falls) but it’s my first time in Tinago. It was a little different from the two since we have to conquer 365 steps to get the actual falls. Thus the Name Tinago, meaning hidden. Literally speaking. Hahaha.


Just a word of warning: if you don’t want sore muscles then I recommend you do some stretching before hiking up the stairs. Trust me.




It was a little gloomy when we got there but still it was lovely.

PHILIPPINES, Northern Mindanao, Iligan; Bathers laze on a bamboo raft at the Tinago Falls, a hidden-away scenic attraction here. Feb/Mar, 2012. Credit: Chris Stowers/PANOS

If you’re up for a little adventure they have this bamboo banka-like that can take you to a refreshing exploit; the bottom of  the falls. And they actually have safety vests for rent which makes the experience feels safer.


The place hasn’t been fully developed that explains the small number of cottages. But it doesn’t make the place any less lovely. The sore muscles is all worth it (even if I had to suffer from it for 2 days hahaha).

So, if it happens you’re in Iligan City be sure to check out any of its falls.


What do you think? Don’t be a silent sue! Talk to me.




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