Free Apps for Productivity

Forest – “Stay Focused, be Present” An app that helps you do your work by keeping you away from your phone. While you do that you grow a virtual forest. It’s like a game; every time you grow a tree, you gain coins which will avail you choose different species to grow or different bgm.… Continue reading Free Apps for Productivity


Get Productive with Me

Hey! Currently preparing for a major major exam and a title proposal. I’m finding it very hard to keep my focus lately, a lot of worry and fear is trollin on me. I have more than a month to prepare but the pressure just keeps getting the best of me. My anxiety is growing and… Continue reading Get Productive with Me

Sunshine Blogger Award

If you’re in the university, at school, or at work and you’re just as busy as I am catching up with the entire school grind, I welcome you! Welcome my friend and come as we all hustle together. Lately has been pretty hectic for me but I’m not complaining, as I’ve been a bum for… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award


With the constant popping of new little cafés and restos in every corner of Iligan, it’s definitely undeniable that it has become a super rookie in the food scene.  For a foodie like me, that sure is a melody to my ears. There's a silent thrill about visiting new cafés and restos, because they usually… Continue reading HERE’S TO THE FOODIES (Iligan City)

Random Haul

Recently, I have been randomly buying stuffs here and there and somehow they kind of just end up piling in my cabinet untouched. So, just like last time I decided to make a little haul out of it. Also, most of the stuff remained literally untouched so you might still see them in their plastic… Continue reading Random Haul